Colin Cowherd, Michael Savage, Tony Kornheiser and Dan Le Batard. What do they have in common? Along with hosting some of America’s most popular radio talk shows and podcasts, they’ve all worked with me as their producer. Now you can too. My podcast production services let you handle the fun part – talking – while I take care of all the back end work, recording, editing and distribution to the popular podcast platforms.

Through 25 years in spoken word content creation, from small towns to national networks, from Oregon to Connecticut, from sports talk, news talk, FM morning shows and podcasts, with countless hosts – young, old, male and female – over countless hours, I’ve trained my ear to decisively distinguish between good and bad. More importantly, I’ve trained my ear to understand why what’s bad is bad, and how to avoid it, and why what’s good is good, and how to repeat it.

Your friends and family have listened to your podcast. Hopefully thousands of listeners you don’t know have as well. But have you ever had a professional listen to it? Listen to you? Someone with decades of experience producing radio shows and podcasts to provide candid feedback?

That’s what I’m offering: detailed, specific analysis of you as a host, and your podcast, from a respected professional who’s worked with a collection of the most popular personalities in the spoken word format. My knowledge and experiences will be applied to your individual podcast to make it the best it can be through precise action steps customized to you and proven effective over years of experience.

Not all podcasts are the same. Not all hosts are the same. You and your podcast need individual attention. That’s what you’ll receive. I have no templates. One size does not fit all. The vast depth of my experience working alongside different personalities and shows has given me a unique ability to work effectively with all spoken word content creators. As long as you speak English, I can help you.

I’m confident of that. My track record supports the claim.

Maybe we’ll work together one time and I’ll simply nudge you in the right direction. Maybe we’ll work together every week and I’ll produce your podcast like I did my radio shows. Maybe I’ll help you become a better interviewer. Maybe I’ll find one, tiny, needle in a haystack of podcast episodes that makes all the difference for you. Maybe we’ll overhaul the whole thing.

What you will learn:

  • What makes a good podcast or talk show host
  • What makes a good podcast or talk show (which can potentially find an audience and revenue)
  • Why the first 10 seconds of a podcast or talk show are critical and how to nail it
  • What your individual strengths and weaknesses are as a host and how to improve on them
  • The most powerful tool in spoken word content and why it’s dangerous
  • The most important thing NOT to be when hosting a podcast or talk show

Podcast Production

Don’t have time to produce and edit your podcast? Let me. You handle the fun part – talking – and I’ll take care of the rest. Learn more.