Podcast Production and Coaching

Chadd Scott podcast production and coaching services.

Podcast production

My full suite of podcast production services can include any of the following to fit your individual needs:

  • Set up your podcast with host site to distribute episodes to all popular platforms – Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.
  • Podcast recording and editing
  • Producing and voicing podcast show opens and “themes”
  • Writing and posting episodic show notes

Cost dependent upon specific services required.

Personalized podcast/talk show assessment

I will:

• Listen to one hour of your past podcasts/talk shows or a minimum of three episodes
• Provide a detailed, written analysis of your podcast/talk show focusing on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement
• Conduct a 20 minute phone call to discuss my analysis and answer your questions
• Provide a written strategy for the improvement of your podcast/talk show featuring specific action steps
• Conduct a 20 minute follow-up phone call to reassess podcast/talk show after action steps have been taken

After completing my personalized assessment you will have been coached to be a broadcaster like you never have before. You will clearly understand your strengths and weaknesses as a host, and have been provided with a specific, actionable game plan to improve both. You will enjoy a renewed focus for your show being able to implement my detailed suggestions for improvement and notice immediate results.

As an added benefit, you will have access to future, personal support from me at a reduced rate having undergone my personal assessment.

Cost: $350

Podcast strategy session

I will:

• Conduct a 30 minute discovery phone call to brainstorm podcast ideas and opportunities
• Provide a written follow-up to discovery phone call detailing ideas discussed and outlining action steps
• Offer 30 days of continuing access via email to me for sharing ideas and answering questions as you get started

After completing my podcast strategy session you will possess a detailed blueprint for launching a successful podcast. You will understand what your podcast’s focus should be, how to deliver on that focus, whether a co-host is advisable, if guests are beneficial – and what kind and where to find them if so – what your goals should be and other valuable structural elements. This structure and focus will assure you are progressing on your podcast in the most productive and efficient manner possible.

As an added benefit, once your podcast launches, you will have access to my personalized assessment services mentioned above at a reduced price.

Cost: $150

Podcast/Talk Show Introductory analysis

I will:

  • Listen to 30 minutes of any one podcast or talk show and provide my written analysis.

After receiving my introductory analysis you will have a clearer, candid picture of your abilities as a host with general advice for improvement. You will receive additional suggestions for simple and effective ways to immediately improve your show.

Cost $50