Know your audience

Be sure you know this one thing before ever turning on the microphone

Before ever speaking into a microphone, think about this: who is your audience?    I was teaching a news anchoring class to a group of broadcast school students years ago. The students were provided a variety of stories to select from to deliver in the mock newscast. It was a role-play situation and I told them to pretend they were broadcasting the news on radio in Atlanta.   I was dumbfounded when one student after another selected their stories completely…

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What makes a great podcast or talk show?

What makes a great podcast?   What makes a great speech? What makes a great high school presentation? What makes a great radio talk show, stand-up comedy routine or toast?   No matter what form of the spoken word you’re delivering, the attributes to success are the same: establishing a connection with your audience, creating value for your audience, humor, storytelling, entertainment.   There is no mystery to what makes a great podcast or talk show and there is no…

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Making a great first impression with your podcast or talk show in 6 seconds

When I listen to a radio show or podcast I’ve never heard before, the first 10 seconds are critically important. The first impression your podcast makes is equally as important as the first impression you make when meeting a new person. Nail this first impression and you may have a friend – or listener – for life. Blow it, and I’m on to the next person or podcast. The singular most important attribute to put across in the first 10…

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